Space & time may not heal

But it will provide perspective & clarity

Which in theory, seems helpful

But to the heart, completely nonsensical.



Come with me..

To the edge of ecstasy and insanity,

Where the wildest places on earth await

Our discovery.

Until Next Time…

Shake the grit from your ruggered physique, let it flutter like ash onto my bare breasts.

Glide your stinking sweat over me, until I lay in a pool of soaking sheets.

Clutch me in calloused hands and rub against me until I am worn.

Thrust and grind an etching of you into my deepest hollow.

Leave me – filthy, dirty, stripped and satisfied.

Until next time, handsome man.

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The Feeding

All this time
The before
The during
And the after
We have been disillusioned
To the meaning & feeling of love
Only responding to extremes
Of lust & pleasure, or pain & anger

Unable to sustain one without the other

We’ve been unhinged & enslaved by one another

Too Far Gone

I knew I was losing you, long before you knew you were losing me.
I cradled my detachment the only way I knew how.
I held on to you and destroyed myself from afar.
I used my head to protect my fragile heart.
I let go before you let me down first.
I let go, before I had nothing left.

Another Way

I never want to be touched
By another unfamiliar hand
I have grown so tired and jaded
With the depthlessness of the human race

Give me back your gentleness
And I’ll accept the chaos in your head
Lets walk hand in hand
To find a new way home

Insomnia creeps
Just like you in my head
Before I know it, it’s 2am
And you’re here again.


We’re all so amorous┬ábut refuse to disclose our soul to another.
We’re all so judgemental but forget to seek our own atonement.
We’re all so jaded but forget to drink in the beauty of the world.
We’re all moving too quickly but refuse to live in the moment.


I always thought I gave you my all, with little in return
But maybe I never knew how to give you anything at all
Maybe I was waiting patiently for you to break me down
Maybe I was willing you to want to know more of me
And I got so severely sick of waiting, that I went searching
For someone who sought a similar connection from another
A level I had within me that I needed to give into
Maybe you’ll want that with someone someday too
It’ll light a fire within you and make you want to burn

A Realm Of Its Own

I get the feeling we will never know
if what we had was the most magical
or destructive thing we will ever know.

Morning Time

I can still feel you painting me
Your eyes tracing my lines
Wanting to know me inside out
Your breath catching mine
While your fingers fill me in
And the paint becomes your smile

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